2 IMG 2168All Tech Builders and Restoration Inc. is a local general contractor that installs ADA and Handicap Accessibility solutions in homes and businesses.

This project was required due to the result of an elderly client falling in his home on an uneven floor surface.  The objective behind this recent handicap accessible project we did in Deer Park, IL was to raise a "lowered floor" so that a person with disabilities could navigate easily through this now "ADA compliant" residential home. Uneven floors can be dangerous and hazardous to children and elderly.  We can remove steps in your home or business by raising or lowering floors and sub-floors to achieve a level floor surface. We also install handicap ramps and detectable warnings to assist individuals with handicaps, while also helping homes and business achieve ADA compliance (American Disability Act).

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2 MoldAll Tech Builders is a local Chicago flood restoration and mold remediation company who specializes in flooding and water damage restoration. We can also manage the resulting mold remediation which will be required to make your space safe to occupy. As a local flood restoration and mold remediation contractor we like to feature projects in our blog which exhibit our ability to provide various services. This project is a perfect example of how we served as a liaison to this customers insurance company and was able to achieve funding via a claim against our customers house insurance policy. In this case, the water damage and resulting mold was caused from sump pump failures and leaking windows and was covered by the clients policy.

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Mold Remediation resulted in the Complete replacement of roof and sub-roofAll Tech Builders and Restoration Inc. is a local mold remediation contractor that can solve your mold problem, even if this means replacing your entire roof and sub-roof. This recent mold remediation project in Deerfield was the result of bathroom exhaust fans that were improperly discharging into the attic.   

Bathroom exhaust vents must be vented to the outside, not into the soffits.  Exhaust in soffits creates mold because the air is being drawn back into the attic and results in moisture in the attic space, this results in moisture on the plywood which turns into mold.

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Fire Damage Restoration in Wadsworth, IL Lake County Fire & Flood Restoration Contractor Mold Remediation CompanyAll Tech Builders and Restoration was contacted by a home owner in Wadsworth, IL 60083. This customers home suffered fire damage due to a garage burning down and catching fire to the primary structure in Lake County IL.

This fire damage restoration project was a typical example of the type of projects we manage as a professional fire and flood restoration company.  Whereas, fire is the first to damage the home, then the resulting water from the fire hoses, then the mold created from the moisture from the water.

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Water Damage Restoration Basement Remodeling Contractor in NorthbrookAll Tech Builders and Restoration was contacted by a home owner in Northbrook who was experiencing foundation seepage resulting in basement flooding. This customers home suffered basement flooding in the past and sought a real solution.  It seamed that most contractors she spoke to were more interested in the basement remodeling aspect of the project, more then seeking the source of the water to ensure no further water damage would be present after incurring the expense to remodel the basement.

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Multi-Family Remodeling Contractor in ChicagoAll Tech Builders and Restoration Inc. is a local general contractor and builder who serves the Chicago area and suburbs.

This remodeling project included the complete interior renovation and structural repairs of a multi-family unit in the City of Chicago. The project included all new interior from the basement to the roof. Hitting the reset button on the interior of this unit allowed for reconfiguration of the floor plan which resulted in a mores efficient and spacious living space. 

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